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The William Cecil Golden School Leadership Development Program

Florida’s public schools require high-performing instructional leaders that possess and utilize the competencies and skills necessary to successfully lead the improvement of student achievement. The William Cecil Golden School Leadership Development Program was established by the 2006 Florida Legislature to provide a high-quality, competency-based, customized, comprehensive and coordinated statewide professional development system for current and emerging school leaders. The program is aligned with and supports Florida's Principal Leadership Standards, the standards of the National Staff Development Council, the Florida Professional Development Protocol Standards and federal requirements for high quality professional development.

The William Cecil Golden School Leadership Development Program consists of several distinct components that are integrated with Florida's Continuous Improvement Model that focuses on student achievement. Components of the program address the needs of emerging school leaders engaged in formal educational leadership programs, approved district principal preparation programs (PDF) and district professional development programs for current school leaders. Development of the components of the WCG Program is coordinated by a unique statewide partnership involving educational leadership development providers with proven expertise in this area.

Critical Components of the WCG Program include:

  • Training in Instructional Leadership (tools for effective classroom visits, literacy leadership, using data to drive instruction, etc.)
  • Training in Effective Business Practices (training related to high priority education issues, strategies for personnel recruitment and retention, Florida's Continuous Improvement Model, technology, etc.)
  • Parent, Community and Business Outreach Training (parental outreach strategies, leveraging business and community partnerships, communication strategies, etc.)
  • Ongoing Mentoring and Coaching (provided by a network of highly qualified, retired school leaders trained to use their knowledge and experience to support the effective implementation of the WCG program)
  • Online resources and support of all stages of school leadership development for Florida’s school leaders is available at

All state approved university and district school leadership development programs are required to incorporate appropriate elements of the William Cecil Golden Program to ensure a statewide foundation for leadership development. Documents to assist in the process of approving educational leadership and principal certification programs are available through the website.

For more information, on Florida’s Principal Leadership Standards or the William Cecil Golden School Leadership Development Program contact:

Josey McDaniel, Senior Educational Program Director
Bureau of Educator Recruitment, Development and Retention

Turlington Building, Suite 124
325 West Gaines Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0400
Phone: 850-245-0558