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Recruitment Programs

Florida’s school system is the 4th largest school system in the nation. Florida's 67 public school districts are comprised of more than 4,000 public schools (including public charter schools) that enroll almost 3 million students annually.

Florida needs teachers in many subject areas and grade levels. High demand teacher needs are identified each year and can be accessed here.

Our public school districts are defined by county boundaries; therefore, each school district is unique with respect to its hiring procedures. Interested individuals must apply directly to the district for employment. To interview and be formally considered for a particular teaching vacancy, applicants must have a current employment application on file with that district's personnel office.

To assist persons interested in teaching in Florida, the Bureau of Educator Recruitment and Professional Development provides the following information and recommendations:

  • Complete and return the employment applications and required documents to the district where you are seeking employment.
  • Check with each district about the process for scheduling interviews, as the process may vary by district.

If you have questions about applying for positions, please email