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Professional Development
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District Professional Learning Systems

District professional learning systems are the inter-related policies and practices that support sustained professional learning and growth for all district employees. Rule 6A-5.069, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.), outlines the required content for school district professional learning systems and provides a common system template for district use. Each district’s system is intended to improve student achievement by enhancing instructional and leadership strategies that promote rigor and relevance throughout a standards-based curriculum and prepare students for success in college, career and life.

The systems – developed in consultation with teachers and teacher-educators from state colleges and universities; business and community representatives; and local education foundations, consortia and professional organizations – are based on an analysis of student and educator outcomes, and other performance indicators to identify school and student needs that can be met by improved professional practice.

All systems are initially submitted to the Florida Department of Education for review and approval. As districts monitor and review student and educator learning data over time, refinements to the system may be necessary. Substantial revisions to district systems must be resubmitted to the department for review for continued approval.