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Community College and Technical Center Management Information Systems (CCTCMIS)
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Bureau Reports

The following reports were created by our Bureau.

FTE-3 (funded, 30 credit hours)



FTE Enrollment Projections Plan (funded, 30 credit hours)

Capital Outlay Projections

The following reports were not produced by our bureau, but are college related and are posted here for your convenience. Unless specifically noted next to a report, the reports below were produced by the Bureau of PK-20 Education Reporting and Accessibility (PERA), within the Division of Accountability, Reporting, and Measurement (ARM).

Fact Books

The principal purpose of the Report for the Florida College System is to provide timely, accurate, and comparative information about the Florida College System. Sometimes referred to as the “The Florida College Fact Book,” this report is intended for use by people who are interested in data relevant to education within the Florida College System.

All statistical and financial data used to generate information in this publication originates at the 28 institutions within the Florida College System and are reported to the Florida Department of Education. This information is used to comply with state and federal reporting requirements.

Current versions of the Fact Book are available upon request.

Articulation Reports

Articulation is the means by which schools, colleges, and universities coordinate their programs and services to facilitate the movement of students through the educational system. Articulation is especially critical to the success of Florida's postsecondary education system, which is based on the two-plus-two concept, the first two years of undergraduate work taking place in a community college. Florida is considered a leader in the nation in developing highly effective articulation at the state and local levels between and among institutions and sectors.

2014-2016 Articulation Tables

Historical Articulation Tables