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Data Systems

Division of Technology and Innovation

PK-12 Education Information Services – includes reports on PK-12 students, staff, and schools. Reports are available by state, district and school levels.

PK-20 Education Data Warehouse – provides a single repository of data concerning students served in the K-20 public education system, as well as educational facilities, curriculum, and staff involved in instructional activities.

Community College and Technical Center MIS – includes information on the Florida National Reporting System (NRS), the Florida State College Information System, and Florida District Career and Adult Education.

Education and Training Placement Information – includes follow-up information on former students who have graduated, exited, or completed a public education or training program in Florida.

Board of Governors

State University System Data and Information Resources – provides access to the Information Resource management – State University System of Florida (IRM-SUS) portal which houses SUS reports, technical assistance materials and the Interactive University Database.