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Approved Provider Resources
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Course Exemplar

Provider courses must match Florida course standards and benchmarks which are found at

Example steps to create a course file for review:

  1. Visit and click on the Course Descriptions and Directory button or use this link:
  2. Use the search feature by entering the course code of a given course
  3. The course preview will appear. Click on the course title to go to the course overview.
  4. On the overview page, make sure you are on the "Current" tab or the “…And Beyond” tab if it is available. The course that will be current for your initial approval year is what will be reviewed.
  5. Clicking on the Export button brings up the option of downloading a Word document. Download the Word version, open it and enable editing.
  6. Select the table in the document by clicking on the select table button at the top-left corner of the table.
  7. Copy and paste into a new excel spreadsheet. The column widths may need to be edited for easier viewing.
  8. To the side of each benchmark, answer these three questions: Where the benchmark is taught in the course, How it is taught in the course, and How mastery of the benchmark is assessed.
  9. Once you have completed each benchmark, save the file and name it with its Florida course code and title. Example: 1001310 English 1

Example Files*

*Please note that these are only examples. Always check CPALMS for the most recent course standards and benchmarks.