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Accelerate Education

Mission statement:

Accelerate Education will enlist research-based instructional strategies that have been demonstrated to foster success across a wide range of student populations. The curriculum and instruction will be relevant and engaging. It will apply active learning principles that can be adapted to meet the learning needs of a diverse student body, including students who are performing below grade level and advanced students looking for opportunities to extend their learning opportunities. Accelerate Education will provide interactive content that can be adapted to a variety of learning situations, including classroom instruction, self-paced study on home computers, and the use of mobile devices. Learning experiences will be carefully sequenced and scaffolded to help students build upon each of their successes and efficiently grasp new concepts. Accelerate Education will select and train instructors carefully, and expect them to monitor student progress, to implement data driven instruction, and to remediate and accelerate students where needed to ensure students’ success.

Contact Information:

Schools: 1-866-705-5575 ext. 705
Parents: 1-866-705-5575
Ticket support: Please visit to create a new ticket for support.

Type of Program being offered in Florida:

Part time
Grades K-5

Course List

Approved Courses (Excel)

Learning Management System:

Accelerate Education courses can be delivered on Buzz and Canvas platforms.

Teacher Qualifications:

Constance Bender: 1276052

Rebecca Huff: 1173464

Eric Kelly: 1442421

Diane Roan: 1308888

Website for Employment:


Providers must disclose information for the general public related to their curriculum, policies, certification and physical location of administrators and instructional staff, instructional staff availability, student-teacher ratios, student completion and promotion rates and student and school performance results.

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