Data & Reports

Data & Reports

The Research and Analytics team at the Division of Florida Colleges leads a number of activities that increase the use and understanding of data from Florida’s 28 community colleges. Data informed decision making facilitates our efforts to promote student readiness, access, and success at our colleges. These activities include:

  • Providing college administrators, researchers, legislators, and other stakeholders with data and information on the Florida College System;
  • Writing Data Snapshots, Research Briefs, and Analytics Reports;
  • Working with Florida Department of Education staff and college administrators to increase data quality, efficiency in data submission, and the development of online data tools for accessing college data;
  • Developing and implementing policy to support and guide the work of the colleges; and
  • Collaborating with professional, regional, and national organizations and agencies.

General Resources

If you have trouble accessing the files below, please contact Hayley Spencer at or 850-245-9456.

  • Fact Book - Official facts about Florida's 28 Colleges including headcount, tuition & fees, and program completers.
  • Glossary & Acronyms - Definitions of terms and acronyms used by the Division of Florida Colleges.
  • Program Reports - links to annually updated program reports mandated by statute and rule.


Hayley Spencer
Director of Research and Analytics
Phone: 850-245-9456

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