Leadership Team

Office of the Commissioner

Richard Corcoran

Commissioner, Florida Department of Education
Phone: 850-245-0505
Email: Commissioner@fldoe.org

Bethany Swonson

Interim Chief of Staff
Phone: 850-245-9663
Email: Bethany.Swonson@fldoe.org

Eric Hall

Senior Chancellor
Phone: 850-245-0535
Email: Eric.Hall@fldoe.org

Division of Florida Colleges

Kathy Hebda

Phone: 850-245-9449
Email: Kathy.Hebda@fldoe.org

Division of Public Schools

Jacob Oliva

Phone: 850-245-0509
Email: Jacob.Oliva@fldoe.org

Division of Career and Adult Education

Henry Mack

Phone: 850-245-5071
Email: Henry.Mack@fldoe.org

Division of Blind Services

Robert Doyle

Phone: 850-245-0331
Email: Robert.Doyle@dbs.fldoe.org

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Allison Flanagan

Phone: 850-245-3399
Email: Allison.Flanagan@vr.fldoe.org

Division of Accountability, Research, and Measurement

Juan Copa

Deputy Commissioner
Phone: 850-245-0505
Email: Juan.Copa@fldoe.org

Division of Finance and Operations

Suzanne Pridgeon

Deputy Commissioner
Phone: 850-245-0406
Email: Suzanne.Pridgeon@fldoe.org

Legislative Affairs

Bethany Swonson & Jessica Fowler

Phone: 850-245-5037
Email: Legislation@fldoe.org

Office of Inspector General

Mike Blackburn

Inspector General
Phone: 850-245-0403
Email: oig@fldoe.org

Office of General Counsel

Matthew Mears

General Counsel
Phone: 850-245-0442
Email: Matthew.Mears@fldoe.org

Office of Communications and External Affairs

Jared Ochs

Phone: 850-245-0413
Email: Jared.Ochs@fldoe.org

Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice

Dakeyan C. Graham

Executive Director
Phone: 850-245-0502
Email: Dakeyan.Graham@fldoe.org

Commission for Independent Education

Sam Ferguson

Executive Director
Phone: 850-245-3200
Email: Sam.Ferguson@fldoe.org

Division of Technology and Innovation

Dr. Andre Smith

Deputy Commissioner of Innovation
Phone: 850-245-0428
Email: Andre.Smith@fldoe.org

Office of Safe Schools

Tim Hay

Executive Director
Phone: 850-245-5173
Email: Timothy.Hay@fldoe.org

Office of Articulation

Elizabeth Moya

Phone: 850-245-9943
Email: Elizabeth.Moya@fldoe.org