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K-12 Private Schools
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Private Schools Equitable Services

Opening a Private School - Provides information about opening a private school in Florida.

General Requirements for Florida Private Schools - Summarizes private school educational responsibilities.

Detailed Requirements for Florida Private Schools - Provides a detailed list of all the responsibilities of a private school.

Annual Survey - All Florida Private Schools must log in to complete their Annual Survey, apply to participate in scholarship programs and update contact information. Schools participating in scholarship programs log in to manage student lists and perform other online tasks specific to scholarship schools.

Professional Development (NEFEC) - Educator training is available through The Consortium: a regional, non-profit, educational service agency established to provide cooperative services to small and rural member districts and non-public school educators.

Registration Requirements for Florida Boarding Schools (PDF) - In addition to the annual survey required of all Florida private schools, schools offering residential facilities and operating as a boarding school must complete the "Boarding School Registration Application" and submit the application to the Department of Education.

Closing a Private School - Summarizes private school responsibilities with respect to permanent student records.

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