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Funding & Financial Reporting
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Program Cost Report Training/Presentations - March 2014

  1. Cost Clip - Part 1 (WMV, 573MB)
    • Users of the Program Cost Report (PCR)
    • Fiscal reporting dates
    • Laws that govern the PCR
    • How the PCR is created
    • Manual intervention requirements for the Salary and Attribution Base System (SATSY) records
    • Information needed for setup of the PCR
    • SATSY - what to include and exclude
    • Phase I flowchart: SATSY, the School/District Summary Report and the Attribution Base Edit Report
    • Direct costs - entering substitute teachers, teacher aides and teacher supplements into the PCR
    • SATSY calculation example
    • Examples of common SATSY errors
    • Discussion of the School/District Summary Report, the Attribution Base Edit Report and School/Program Table Report
  2. Cost Clip - Part 2 (WMV, 550MB)
    • Minimum tables required in the PCR
    • Phase II flowchart: Forms 4a, 5, 6 and 7; Cost/Data Edit Report; Cost Calculator; Functional Accounting Report; and PC 3/4 Report
    • Negative attribution - definition and examples
    • Form 7 requirements - how to process charter schools
    • Functional Accounting report details
    • Reports used in the Florida Department of Education's (DOE) PCR review
    • Walkthrough of web-based software
    • PCR review changes for 2013-2014
    • Uploading files to the DOE
    • Feedback on the DOE's web-based software
  3. 2014 Cost Reporting Workshops - Tallahassee-Chipley (Power Point, 5MB)
  4. Program Cost Report Question and Answers (Q&A)