Regional Support to School Districts

Through the Differentiated Accountability (DA) program, the Bureau of School Improvement hires and places regional teams of school improvement specialists, each led by an executive director, in four offices across the state to provide on-the-ground support to district administrators, instructional coaches, and school leadership teams of underperforming schools. More information on the regions and staff contacts are available on our Staff page.

DA supports are intended to build capacity by focusing on systems and structures needed to accelerate and sustain school improvement and by employing a gradual release model. Supports are offered in consultation with the district to determine local needs, and typically include facilitation of collaborative processes such as data and risk analysis, needs assessment, strategic planning and problem solving, performance management, professional development, and cross-district networking.

The regional teams also review, provide feedback, and monitor progress on the implementation of school improvement plans (SIPs), district improvement and assistance plans (DIAPs), turnaround option plans (TOPs), and school improvement grant (SIG) 1003(g) plans.

Authority for DA

Section 1008.33, Florida Statutes, provides the State Board of Education with the authority to enforce public school improvement through a statewide system of supports and intervention.

Rule 6A-1.099811, Florida Administrative Code, entitled “Differentiated Accountability State System of School Improvement,” establishes differentiated intervention and support strategies for traditional public schools; delineates the responsibilities of the school, district, and Department of Education; sets timelines for intervention and support strategies, prescribes reporting requirements to review and monitor progress of schools; and sets forth submission and approval criteria for turnaround implementation plans.