Educator Certification Rule Development

Actions are being considered for the following rules, granted by enabling statutes, to implement or interpret specific Educator Certification provisions. We encourage stakeholders to provide written comments and recommendations for consideration throughout the rule development process.

Notices of rule development will allow ample opportunity for public comment, requests for meetings, workshops and hearings. Refer to State Board Rules Under Review or the Florida Administrative Register for the official notices of rulemaking.

The following rules for Educator Certification were recently amended upon approval by the State Board of Education with effective dates as indicated.

Workshops for Educator Certification

Legislative Updates

The following recently enacted Florida Laws based on bills passed during legislative session may impact Educator Certification. Rules required or impacted by legislative act will be drafted and formally proposed as promptly as is possible.

For other official communications regarding Educator Certification, please visit Certification Communications.

Official technical assistance or other communications regarding implementation of these legislative enactments will be distributed via the department's Paperless Communications System.