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Choosing a Private School in Florida

Information to help parents select the appropriate school to meet their child's needs.

Online High School Diplomas - Tips and Resources

Information to help spot "Diploma mills."

U.S. Department of Education - Choosing A School For Your Child

General Requirements for Florida Private Schools

Summarizes private school educational responsibilities.

Accreditation Information

Provides general information about the accreditation of private schools.

Retention of Student Records

Private School and Home Education Transfer of Credits FAQs - PDF

Directory of Private Schools

Provides information about private schools in Florida.

Information contained in this database was submitted by private schools as part of the annual survey requirement found in section 1002.42(2)(b), Florida Statutes. The intent of the Legislature in creating the database was to provide “a service to the public, to governmental agencies, and to other interested parties” and not to “regulate, control, approve or accredit private educational institutions.” Section 1002.42(2)(h), Florida Statutes. As such, the Department of Education does not verify the accuracy of the data submitted pursuant to the annual survey and inclusion of a school’s information in the database does not imply approval or accreditation by the Department of Education.