Master Inservice Plans (MIP)

District professional development systems must include a master inservice plan (MIP) that identifies the educational training programs, called components of professional learning, that may generate points toward recertification or add-on certification.

Section 1012.98, Florida Statutes, the School Community Professional Development Act, sets forth requirements for educational training programs with further requirements outlined in State Board of Education Rule 6A-5.071, F.A.C. The MIP shall be updated and approved by the district school boards on an annual basis by September 1 and written verification must be submitted annually to the Commissioner of Education by October 1st.

To assist districts and teachers in the transfer of inservice points from one Florida school district to another, the Department of Education offers a Transfer of Inservice Form (PDF).

Though this form can ensure accurate inservice records transfers, district use is not required.

Master Inservice Plan (MIP) Component Numbering

Assistance in development of Master Inservice Plan component numbers is available through the Automated Staff Information System Database Manual:

Alternative Teacher Preparation Programs

Section 1012.575, Florida Statutes, gives district school boards the authority to develop Add-On Alternative Teacher Preparation Programs that meet specific needs of the district and provide a mechanism whereby a teacher who is already certified may add an additional coverage to their certificate without having to take college courses.

Each district add-on program must be approved by the Florida Department of Education. The Department has created a manual for the development of add-on programs (PDF).

A list of approved District Add-On Programs can be found at Approved District Add-on Programs.

Professional Education Competency (PEC) Programs

Demonstrated professional education competence is a requirement for professional educator certification. This requirement is satisfied through graduation from an approved educator preparation program, through a public school district program, or, for teachers at private schools, through a private organization that provides these services as part of its Master Inservice Plan. Arrangements to deliver the program are made between private schools and the approved organizations, and the sponsoring organization reports participation information to the state.

Inservice Hours Reports