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Digital Classrooms Program (DCP) Plans & Allocation

During the 2017 Florida Legislative Session, the Digital Classroom Allocations statute, s. 1011.62(12), was modified to exempt districts from submitting a Digital Classrooms Plan to the Florida Department of Education. Below are highlights of the bill. Districts should review the bill in its entirety for details.

(b) Funds allocated under this subsection must be used for costs associated with:

  1. Acquiring and maintaining the items on the eligible services list authorized by the Universal Service Administrative Company for the Schools and Libraries Program, more commonly referred to as the federal E-rate program.

  2. Acquiring computer and device hardware and associated operating system software that complies with the requirements of s. 1001.20(4)(a)1.b.

  3. Providing professional development, including in-state conference attendance or online coursework, to enhance the use of technology for digital instructional strategies.

Districts should also note the General Appropriations Act (GAA) requires a 20% limit on professional development.

Statutory References:

Digital Classroom 5-Year Strategic Plan

During the 2014 Florida Legislative Session, Section 1001.20, Florida Statutes, was updated to require the Florida Department of Education to develop a five-year technology strategic plan to assist districts in establishing Florida Digital Classrooms. 2014-2019 DOE Digital Classrooms Plan (PDF)

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